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What is Ambrosia Maple?

Ambrosia maple is very rare and has an unusually interesting story, as the amazing markings come from special Red Maple logs that have become home to families of Ambrosia beetles.  The mother beetle bores into a live maple tree and carves galleries or nurseries for her babies.  Unlike many nasty bugs, she doesn't eat the wood, she pushes the frass out of the hole.  She also carries a special mold on her body, called Ambrosia mold, which she transfers to the walls of the nursery, and due to the high sugar content of maple, the mold  grows as food for her young.  As the baby beetles hatch and grow, they graze on the Ambrosia mold just like cows in a pasture.  The pigments in the mold travel up and down the tree and leave an incredibly detailed and distinctive pattern.  As the beetles mature, they fly out of the wood and go about their lives.

The reason a lot of our handcrafted items are made from Ambrosia Maple is because it is a unique looking wood with the hardness required to make a good cutting board.  It is impossible to find around Waco, TX.  We travel almost 1,600 miles to a small town in Northeast Alabama a couple times a year to source the Ambrosia Maple that is used for our cutting boards.  The Ambrosia Maple we use for our bowls comes from various sources around the United States.


Handmade Ambrosia Maple Wood Bowls and Cutting Boards

Source: http://www.hobbyhardwoodalabama.com

May 19, 2016

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