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Our Shop Dog Named Whiskey

We probably have the biggest shop dog in Texas.  Everything is bigger in Texas, right???  Meet Whiskey!  He is a Great Dane we rescued a couple years ago.  Before you ask if we are a bunch of alcoholics, the answer is no.  Whiskey was his name when we rescued him, and we thought it best for his sake not to change his name in the beginning.  Now it is just who he is.  We do get some weird looks when our 4 year old is telling our church congregation about Whiskey, but hey it makes a good story.  

Whiskey loves just laying on the floor, peering under the door, watching the world go by.  If our tools get too loud or if gets too hot he'll choose the couch inside, but most of the time he loves nothing more than to hang out in the shop while we work!  




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